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What is MyEngineerCenter System?

We are in market since year 2006, More than 14 years in business. Our 1st product in market is Urban Stormwater Design for MSMA1.

Our new MyEngineerCenter system is a place where for engineers to gather a total solution for civil engineering.  Where it comprises of technology(software), knowledge base, videos, talks, events, webinars, publication, professional advises and even consultancy service if you need to.

You will not able to get all these under one roof else where. Now with us, you will not able to miss it anymore. It is benefited for new engineers, companies, educator etc. 

For example, a company recruit new staff, no time to train new staff, our place is one option to train the staff without worry. If you don't have expertise in field like MSMA and ESCP, we can assist you on your project in Ultimate level by our creator Ir Chee. Even the last option, we even can help you to take over the job as a consultancy service. 

No more worry.

 Who are we! You may or may not know us  Visit here to find out more 

>100% Value for Money

No more worry for no money to buy software or learning!

Covid-19 cause you in trouble. Our my Engineer Center will help you

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Current available recorded technical courses. min 34.5 hours of recorded videos

  • Urban Stormwater Management -Total hours=10 hours.
  • Ethics and Laws in ESCP -Total hours=1 hour
  • Drainage Design- Total hours=1.5hours
  • Earthworks Design-Total hours=2.5hours
  • MSMA2 and ESCP -Total hours= 20 hours
  • An introduction to Infra Design -Total hours=1.5hours

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Become a member(Subscription)

There are many benefits where you can become our subscriber with as low as RM100.00 (CnS level), RM7,000.00 (Infra level) and RM12,000.00 (Ultimate level). Unbelievable value for money.

Immediate Benefit - Our software

Once you become subscriber, you can use our developed most comprehensive Infra Software in market. No more worry pay for high price on software afterward regret. We offer more than 90% from our retail price with additional benefits.

Other Benefits - Knowledge base

You will not loss, we are here to lead you into right path of civil engineering. You can attend our training, courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, videos, even with project assistance (Ultimate member). Visit here to view our past events

3rd Parties Products

You may encounter difficulty on finding products related to Civil engineering. Such as Drafting software-BricsCAD. As member, you get our additional discount or first to know on any products purchase here.


We had published a book of "Essential of Earthworks" in year 2019. Coming soon will be "Infra Design in 33 Days", this is our another book will be published in Oct/Nov 2020. Now it is under reviewing. Now you can pre-order for 1st to know. products purchase here to order.

 Benefits CnS  Infra  Ero  Ultimate myTraining 
 Single module(Earthworks Limited)  X        
 Infra Package   X      
 Ultimate Package        X  
 ZeonEarth Full Edition (3D Earthworks)      X    
 myESCP Full Edition (Erosion and Sediment Control Plan)      X     
 ZeonStorm Full Edition (Pond and OSD)      X     
 Software Email support  *X X  X  X  
 Project Assistance Infra -advise        X(1 job)  
 Project Assistance MSMA -advise        X(1 job)  
 Project Assistance ESCP -advise      X (1 job)  X(1 job)  
 Mini Video  X  X  x  X  
 On-site Event    X*  x*   X*  
 Webinar  X  X  x   X  
 Social Media  X  X  x   X  
 Others - Product, seminar, course discount  X  X  x   X  
 Technical courses    X X
 Total Values  RM6750.00  RM55,350.00  RM 44,000.00  RM232,800.00  ++
 Membership (Subscriber)  Lifetime  Yearly renewal  Yearly renewal  Yearly renewal  1/2 Yearly renewal
 Total Software  4 24 +4 (AI coming soon)  
 Now   RM100.00  RM7,000.00  RM9,000.00  RM12,000.00  RM500.00

CnS, Ero, Infra and ultimate package licenses are re-new yearly based on membership/subscriber renewal. Each member/subscriber entitle to have one license. Member of CnS is lifetime but Earthworks Limited license is subjected to yearly renewal.

Ero package contatins of ZeonEarth, myESCP, ZeonStorm and xSection. A package just suite to your escp job. It is suitable for environmentalist. 

Infra package contains of ZeonEarth, xDrain, xSewer, xWater and ZeonStorm. Most compact software for any infra project.

Ultimate package contains of All in Infra package plus our Core MSMA Suite. A most comprehensive infra software in market. Even, now user can immediately trial on our latest invention of Artificial Intelligence Infra Package -AIOne. A suite can make you go HOME early plus a tea break.

myTraining is a place for you to learn our recorded trainings. Now with this, you can learn it anytime and anywhere. With this you will no longer worry about upgrading your skill through our ready courses in Infra. With min recorded videos of 33 hours

For Project assistance in Ultimate package, our creator Ir Chee(CPESC) will provide one to one advise if you have project involved in Infra, MSMA and ESCP. Where you will not get it from any software vendor.

For Project assistance in Ero package, our creator Ir Chee(CPESC) will provide one to one advise if you have project involved in ESCP. Where you will not get it from any software vendor.

No commitment is required, member can terminate the membership after one year, but NO REFUND.

*terms and conditions applied.

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