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Design A Drainage System - RM580+courier service RM10 WM/RM15 EM

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This is printed book. (Not ebook). Please add courier service during checkout. This Design A Drainage System- Step by Step book is a book which will benefit you on design a drainage system. As compared to my previous book “Infra Design-Getting Started in 33 Days”, this is a supplement content of drainage system. Generally, the theory and concept of fundamental for a drainage system where covers the drainage networks up to detention system. Property development will be main target of write up. With example projects illustration, the behavior of drainage system will be disclosed. The target will be on drain network demarcation, drain selection, detention selection, levels computation, drain designs, things to consider in a drainage system. A missing skill - Levels’ computation will be a skill where you will not know how it works! These all are not really show to you how they worked in your common design office. Unless the design office had been proper documented or yourself have gone through the whole manual process. As usual from previous publications, the content has been put into step-by-step guidance. Besides, it shows you how to prepare it by manual computation in conjunction with my computer software -xDrain. As a result, you can have a better understanding on what is going in a drainage system design. Most of the examples here also being used in our own developed software either xDrain, ZeonStorm and IntelliDrain. As a result, this is a book for you to persuade. Based on writer experience, feedback from writer’s courses, workshops, training, webinars, talks and his software of client’s feedbacks. Writer has compiled necessary information by given simple projects as a guide for you to get started. Step by step guides are most welcome guidance for you to further knowledge development.
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