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No more worry spending large amount of money to train up your people.

No more worry where to find Infra resources

No more worry how to apply Infra skills in your project

No more worry on yearly upgrading your Infra software. We do it for you.

No more worry where to learn Infra knowledge. Min recorded 30 hours videos

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Beyond Software 

Our my Engineer Center sub-divided into 5 Levels.

CnS level

It is strongly recommended for single user like university student, individual. He or she can enjoy a must software (ZeonEarth Limited Edition- The software is subjected to yearly renewal) Membership is a lifetime member. in a project development. He or she can enjoy special offer on our activities. Even as member, he or she can enjoy special discount at our shopping channel. Only this is a lifetime membership.

Infra level

It is strongly recommended for company which intend to start up it business but has a problem in financial. It is enough for company to utilize our my Engineer Center resources. With our Infra package has sufficient for company to get started. Infra package covers 5 basic Infra software(Earthworks, Drainage, Sewerage, Water supply and detention system(Pond and OSD))Infra level will enjoy all benefits of CnS level.

Ero level

This is a special level for environmental people who want to start up their own environmental job. Where they are lacking of skills and knowledge in managing this job. With our Ero package, you can immediately getting started with ZeonEarth, ZeonStorm, myESCP to equip you with necessary tools. For example when you are involved in environmental management plan(EMP) in a project like flood mitigation project of Department of Irrigation and Drainange. It comes with a ONE to ONE project advise of your Erosion and Sediment Control Plan project by Ir Chee

Ultimate level

It strongly recommended for company which serious for business. Besides, all the benefit available at Infra Level, The company can further enjoy additional values from my Engineer Center. Where the company want to easy manage resources. With this level, the company able to use our full resource on our comprehensive Ultimate suite together with our knowledge base. The ultimate suite covers 24 infra software. Where besides Infra package, it covers with Core MSMA Suite. The 1st comprehensive digital MSMA in Malaysia.


it is a technical based with videos. All are recorded videos which either conducted in 2019-2020. Here you can equip yourself anytime, anywhere with Infra knowledge. You will have unlimited access to your learning channel in your valid subscription period. Minimum hours 34.5 hours. Current available courses are:

  • Earthworks Design 2020
  • Drainage Design 2019
  • Urban Stormwater Managment Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition at UPM 2019
  • MSMA2 and ESCP workshop at UTM KL under MSO 2020
  • Ethics and Law in ESCP 2020
  • An introduction to Infra Design -Total hours=1.5hours
If consider you talk 8 hours per day, then you may need to complete watching these videos for ++ 4 days.

In the view of our country getting lesser of experience infra engineers. Our creator Ir Chee will offer a special section of as a project advisor for Ultimate level. If the company facing problem for the  skills in the field of Infra, MSMA and ESCP, Ir Chee willing to give an assistance to the company. The company has not worry about projects for company served. Ir Chee will give a ONE to ONE project advise on his professional advise where it is 100% value for money. Every year,  the company can allow for one FREE project advise. 

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